Friday, December 28, 2007

english muffin and egg

Serves one lazy bachelor, takes about 5 minutes, an egg, an english muffin, cheese and salsa.

  • Split an english muffin in half and start it toasting
  • While you wait, crack an egg into a bowl, and mix in roughly the same amount of salsa
  • Melt a little butter (for frying) and optionally cheese in a frying pan - low/medium heat on my range. If it starts sizzling before you're ready, turn the heat off or down.
  • When the muffins halves are done toasting, soak them in the egg batter, then drop them in the pan. The butter and cheese in the pan should be sizzling and bubbly by now.
  • Flip the soaked halves every few minutes. When they've browned a little on each side, pour in the leftover salsa-egg batter beside them in the pan - it will quickly fry into a sort of sloppy omelette. Flip it over once it's solid, let the other side cook, then take everything out of the pan together. I salt mine after I take it out - it's savory, not french toast.

Variations: If you don't have or want salsa, dilute the egg batter with something (milk worked for me) so it soaks into the english muffin better, and fries differently(?). Don't add spices to the egg mixture, because they'll just clump together in the liquid - put spices directly into the frying pan near the end (or else they'll burn in the hot oil while everything's frying). I used cayenne and ground ancho peppers.

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