Monday, November 30, 2009

hire me!

I'm a game programmer looking for work, in LA and willing to relocate. I'd like to do gameplay, audio or general programming. Here's my resume as a word doc.

I've been working on a little game demo, a roguelike. You can download the installer (run the setup first, it's a ClickOnce installer). Mike Tipul (a coworker) and I started it a year ago, and we collaborated on it then abandoned it until recently, where I dusted it off for release. There's a codeplex project for it, or you can download just the source (no project files, no artwork).

* Tile based pseudo-ascii rendering
* Visibility/lighting and shadows
* Procedural dungeon and forest generation
* Location-based damage and severed limbs affect gameplay
* Weapons and multiple damage types
* A tiny little mission where you clear out a forest of wolves, then a dungeon of goblins
* Lots of tutorials that walk you through the game (which is about 5 minutes long)

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